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Travel & Visa: Work and Investment for Foreign Nationals in Seychelles

A Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP)/Work Permit allows the holders to be gainfully occupied in Seychelles and this could be an employer or as a self-employed person.

The application for the GOP should be submitted at least ten weeks before the employee is due to start work, and he/she must not enter the country for the purpose of taking up employment prior to obtaining the GOP.

The application form is to be completed by the person seeking the permit in the case of a self-employed or by the prospective employer.

The fee for processing the application is SR1000/.

The fee for the whole duration of the permit being sought for is SR700/- per month and should also accompany the application.

How to Get a Residence Permit?

A Residence Permit is issued to a person who:

  • is not a prohibited immigrant;
  • has a family or domestic connect with Seychelles;
  • has made or will make special contribution to the economic, social or cultural life of Seychelles.

The holder of the Residence Permit-

  • must during the validity of the permit reside in Seychelles for at least five days during each twelve months of the term of the permit;
  • if the permit holder resides in Seychelles for more than one month (in any year) he/she shall keep a deposit with a bank in Seychelles or provide a bank guarantee to the Director General of Immigration, of not less than SR20,000/- and allow the Director General of Immigration to draw on the deposit or call on the guarantee for the purpose of meeting expenditure incurred by the government in connection with the care, treatment or maintenance within or removal from Seychelles of the permit holder and his/her dependants;

The fee for processing the application is US5/- and the fee for the resident Permit is SR50,000/- for the main application and SR25,000/- for the spouse if applied at the same time.

The fee for endorsement of each minor dependant on a Residence Permit is SR1,000/-.

For more information and relevant documentation regarding immigration issues please contact: info@immigration.gov.sc